Agile Learning Labs launches Dymaxicon with a pretty darn swanky party

Our thanks to everyone who turned out for Saturday’s Dymaxicon launch party at Internos Wine Cafe in the city. If you have been too busy building software to keep up with our hijinks here at Agile Learning Labs, we’ve launched a publishing company. We publish agile titles like The Elements of Scrum by Chris Sims and Hillary Louise Johnson (me) and we also publish controversial literary fiction, graphic novels and gardening books. Why? Because we’re just that agile.

No, seriously, we are publishing these titles because one of our team members, Hillary (me again), has spent enough time in “traditional” media to know how not to publish things. This is her effort to get it righter and righter and righer (ie, iterate). You can read more about it in the Huffington Post.

A goal of ours at Agile Learning Labs has always been to leverage the passion and expertise of our team members to grow our business in unexpected ways. So while you’re seeing publishing now, don’t be surprised to see us applying agile methods to re-inventing the real estate, construction or retail industries someday.

The launch party for Dymaxicon was a unique event, in that it brought software developers, project managers and agile trainers together with illustrators, documentary filmmakers and mystery novelists. Nerds consorted with hipsters, geeks with glamazons. I have it on excellent authority that at least one bona fide rocket scientist was in attendance.

My favorite moment of the evening may have been watching Jeff McKenna and Lili Ristagno bond over their shared experiences as authors-in-progress. Jeff’s book is about software, while Lili’s is an illustrated true crime novel, but they clicked and had much to talk about. David Corbett, a “New York Times Notable Author,” found himself enchanted by software product magician Bernie Maloney, and vise versa. It was good to see software people mixing and mingling with the artists and writers who really are their peers in creativity and spirit.

We made a lot of friends, drank a responsible amount of wine, and even sold a few books. If you missed it, don’t worry, you’ll be invited to the next soiree, when we’ll have even more books to launch–some about agile, and some just… agile.

If you’re one of the first five people who can tell me what movie the image illustrating this post is from, I’ll send you a free copy of any Dymaxicon title you choose. Just leave a comment below! Or tweet your answer to @dymaxicon.

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