Experience Scrum!

Experience all aspects of scrum in this virtual workshop. We will engage the power of simulations and learning games to explore scrum: roles, artifacts, planning, estimation, and continuous improvement. Warning: This will be a participatory learning experience without a PowerPoint safety net!

What to expect:

Our instructional style is highly interactive so you will be participating in games and simulations. We encourage you to clear your schedule to focus on the workshop and to keep your cameras on for maximum engagement.

When do we start and end each day? The virtual classroom opens 15 minutes prior to start time each day. Full day workshops generally run 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM Pacific time, with a lunch break from 12:30 PM – 1:30 PM.

Will I earn SEUs and PDUs? You will earn 8 Scrum Educational Units from the Scrum Alliance and 7 Professional Development Units from the Project Management Institute.

Students Say:

Season taught the Experience Scrum workshop. She opened by saying that she’s an introvert and was terrified of improv, but she sure did ham it up when she pretended to make mistakes for us to correct. I loved her personality and joy. The material was presented in a great way for beginners, and I think as an intro to scrum, it was very useful. I really felt engaged, and I was enthusiastic about participating. This had to do with Season’s energy. 10/10, would learn from again.

Jess Kent

Season’s energy was inspiring!

Dennis Pozzi
DevOps Manager

Agile Learning Labs does a great job making simulations for practical and interactive experience with scrum, and keeping lecture to a necessary minimum. One of the highlights was being with my team. Having a mix of staff who do and don’t have experience with the process, and an opportunity to level the field and be on a team together; also to reflect on how to apply to our work. it was a bonus that ended early on Day 1 and had a lot of time for discussion.

Cindy McPherson
Business Systems and Project Manager Collaborative Classrooms

Season was great! Fun and engaging. She presents well and was always able to answer questions clearly.
The “simulation” session was challenging at first but satisfying once we got it down and got the big task completion payoff at the end.
No question that Season knows the material and knows what she’s doing.
I felt like I could freely comment or ask questions if I needed to. No feeling of distance or aloofness.

Brian Sholly
Project Engineer Collaborative Classrooms

I greatly appreciate the training sessions for their invaluable assistance to individuals with limited experience or those seeking a Scrum framework refresher. The sessions adopted a light-hearted and hands-on approach, which I found exceptionally beneficial in comprehending the various Scrum events and the roles played by each member of the Scrum team.
I was particularly impressed by Season and Chris’ exceptional patience and helpfulness in addressing all of our questions and providing clear explanations of various Scrum concepts. Also, Season’s cat making a delightful appearance was an added bonus!

Tsion Adefres
Principle Software Engineer Arete

Feel free to email us if you have more questions about the workshop.

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