Test Driven Development – Life Beyond the Insanity

“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”
~ Albert Einstein


Are you a survivor of insane software development? Design-code-integrate-test-deploy. Maybe it’s time for a different approach.

Test driven development takes some of the insanity out of the software development process by shifting the emphasis on testing from post-development necessity to the first objective in the project. Create a test and see it fail. Then write enough code so that the test passes. Then refactor mercilessly.

The result?

    • 60% to 90% fewer software defects according to an IBM/Microsoft study. That could make the head of your department giggle for the first time in months.


    • More confidence that code changes can be made swiftly and effectively without the recurring nightmare of current functionality heading south of the border.


  • Useful, functional specifications available to be executed by new team members. Now you aren’t the only cog in the software machine who understands how to make this particular hunk of code sing and dance.

Skip any of the steps in test-driven development, and you’re just blindly blazing new trails in the land of insane software development. Instead, make an investment in your sanity.

Agile Learning Labs presents “Test Driven Development in C#” on September 26-28 in Redwood City. Led by TDD-evangelist Rob Myers, this hands-on course delves into the techniques of fearless test-driven development including test-first, refactoring, mock objects, and more. You won’t be talking about coding; you’ll be working in pairs to produce code using test-driven development techniques. After this class, you’ll be ready to tackle your “real life” software insanity head-on.

Not fluent in C#? Never fear. Rob promises a multi-lingual approach to the class. Get your C# on –- or bring a little Java on the side. Whatever the language, this course will set you on a new course towards software sanity using test-driven development.

Early bird pricing for the Test Driven Development class ends September 12. Use code ‘StoptheInsanity’ to save an extra $300 on your registration. Register today!

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