The Elements of Scrum

In this experiential workshop, you will learn scrum by doing scrum. You will become familiar with the principles and practices of scrum. You will build skills needed to be a member of a high-performing, continuously improving, self-organizing scrum team.

This workshop is based on the best selling book The Elements of Scrum by Chris Sims and Hillary Louise Johnson. It is delivered using the innovative agile games and simulations that Agile Learning Labs is famous for. The workshop is customizable and can be delivered in two 8-hour sessions or four 4-hour sessions.

Students Say:

Chris is engaging and makes training not just informative but fun!

Kristen Schoepe
Softgoods Business Analyst, Specialized Bicycle Components

Applying what we’ve learned in the first two days within the product development portion where we would alternate between SM, PO, developers was great stuff and the hands on training made it click for me.
5 thumbs up from me!

Phillip Ploesser
Global – Salesforce Application Architect, Magnit

We asked Chris the tricky questions that we have been struggling with for some time. He took them head-on, giving directly applicable advice and relevant follow-up content for every curve ball we threw at him. Chris focused on the value of the scrum rituals, rather than “do this because the book says so.” The scrum simulation, Once Upon A Scrum, was a fun, frantic exercise that required us to constantly evolve.

Stephen George
Software Engineering Manager, Kenna Security

The hands on exercises were great. The way you used the video conferencing technology made it as effective as in person. Thank you again for the great two days!

Kris Schultz
Director Software Engineering, Kenna Security

Your workshop was the catalyst for a lot of changes here at Motoshop. Everyone is bought into the new process and we’re getting better collaboration, transparency, and teamwork. We’re just a couple of sprints in and still working out the kinks, but it already has been a big improvement!

Bobby Chen
Director of Product Management and Engineering, Motoshop

Our team valued the training quite a bit. We still refer to it and we’ve made real improvements in our scrum process.

Max Wheeler
Director of Engineering, Microsoft

The training was everything I had hoped for! Engaging, fun, and informative!

Ron Ho
Program Manager, Spirent

Please email us if you have more questions about the workshop.

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