The CSPO workshop was really helpful! I liked having the 4 hr x 4 day schedule. It helped me digest and retain the information over time. What I liked best was being able to ask specific questions, learning about how specifically the PO should act in each scrum ritual, learning about some specific tools useful to POs like product discovery.

Rachel Simm
Software Engineer, Unity Technologies

I think the CSPO was an excellent class! It was easy to learn even if I am not currently in the tech world. The once a week class schedule, was great! I love the flexibility. Chris was awesome. I’m so happy with my choice!! Ready to take my next class!

Tiffany Hubbard
Owner, Fabfitkitch3n

Season taught the Experience Scrum workshop. She opened by saying that she’s an introvert and was terrified of improv, but she sure did ham it up when she pretended to make mistakes for us to correct. I loved her personality and joy. The material was presented in a great way for beginners, and I think as an intro to scrum, it was very useful. I really felt engaged, and I was enthusiastic about participating. This had to do with Season’s energy. 10/10, would learn from again.

Jess Kent

Chris and Season are so engaging and the content is very practical. My highlights from the Advanced CSPO training were the breakout sessions and the practical skills covered.

Marcy Bursac
Sr Technical Analyst, Splunk

Chris uses great examples from his previous experience and has valuable tips for how to be effective as a product owner. The prework helped refresh the concepts from the CSM workshop and the worksheets shared throughout the class were so interactive and practical that I will certainly come back to them. Business Value Estimation game was fun and helpful to take away for future use. Chris sets a good atmosphere where the people in the class are comfortable speaking up and this really made me feel comfortable getting to know people in the group and fully participating when it came to the activities in the breakout rooms.

Leticia Valencia
Program Manager, DropBox

Agile Learning Labs does a great job making simulations for practical and interactive experience with scrum, and keeping lecture to a necessary minimum. One training highlight was being with my team. Having a mix of staff who do and don’t have experience with the process, and an opportunity to level the field and be on a team together; also to reflect on how to apply to our work. it was a bonus that ended early on Day 1 and had a lot of time for discussion.

Cindy McPherson
Business Systems and Project Manager, Collaborative Classrooms

I enjoyed taking the course and the instructor touched each and every aspect of Scrum Product Owner role and responsibilities. The workshop was very interactive and the instructor was very engaging.

Aman Arora
Senior Researcher, Dolby Laboratories

I greatly appreciate the training sessions for their invaluable assistance to individuals with limited experience or those seeking a Scrum framework refresher. The sessions adopted a light-hearted and hands-on approach, which I found exceptionally beneficial in comprehending the various Scrum events and the roles played by each member of the Scrum team.
I was particularly impressed by Season and Chris’ exceptional patience and helpfulness in addressing all of our questions and providing clear explanations of various Scrum concepts. Also, Season’s cat making a delightful appearance was an added bonus!

Tsion Adefres
Principle Software Engineer, Arete

Besides the class being extremely engaging, informative and filled with very great information, Season has a great personality and is extremely knowledgeable. The way she explains things is easy to understand and makes sense. Chris is excellent and their delivery and knowledge of Scrum is impeccable. I can’t speak highly enough about their teaching skills and the class was absolutely wonderful. Interactive breakout sessions and the building a product exercise was excellent.
Keep on doing this as you are making learning about scrum fun and interactive!

Mike Del Santo
QA Lead, Dolby Laboratories

The e-book exercise was the big highlight for me. I enjoyed the fast pace and that there’s so many opportunities for failure (and by extension of that, opportunities for learning). Chris and Season were very detailed in their explanations, and always had a thorough answer for any question that was asked of them.

Joshua Fairchild
Senior Software Engineer, Clari

The examples were simple, easy to work with, and definitely helped drive home the principle, idea, or technique while keeping it as whimsical/humorous as possible. I enjoyed the group work because it enabled (much like a good math class) the teams to have the opportunity to actually apply the idea that Chris had just introduced or explained. Chris did an excellent job. Virtual workshops are challenging, especially due to the fact that you’re not in a room able to engage with participants.

Catalina Adams
Project Manager, Specialized Bicycle Components, Inc.

The estimation game and story-splitting exercises were especially helpful. The workshop highlight was really the atmosphere of engagement and entertainment that Chris facilitated. This helped the team to stay on task and learn from each other. The pop culture references were also fun and the content of the exercises helped. It was all the little things-like spinning around when we got things done, and playing bicycle songs, and just generally keeping the mood upbeat-that really made this fun.

Michelle Murphy
PLM Analyst, Specialized Bicycle Components, Inc.

Chris’ attitude and obvious amazing aptitude for training were infectious, they have an incredible way of bringing together strangers in easy, small ways that I really appreciated. Chris has mastered the art of zoom training! Having Season join during the actual sprint simulation was a great extra piece of energy and way to tackle the materials.

Chrissy Kidd
SEO Manager, Splunk

Great Socratic method, encouraging involvement for all participants and I feel well equipped for the test!

Bill Thomas
Web QA Engineer, Gearbox Publishing

Chris is engaging and makes training not just informative but fun!

Kristen Schoepe
Softgoods Business Analyst, Specialized Bicycle Components

I really enjoyed working in groups. You get to really see the different thought process of each participant and also the support they give you in understanding the concepts of the course.

Wesley Alegado
Sr. Digital Transformation Analyst, Golden State Water Company

The course is a great overview of scrum and a product owner’s responsibility within the framework. The value estimation activity was a lightbulb moment and something that I can take back to my stakeholders and immediately get results. Chris is great and continues to be a legend within our team at Kenna/Cisco.

Kris Schultz
Leader, Software Engineering, Cisco

It was a great learning experience. The structure of the class clearly demonstrated the spirit of scrum and Chris taught the heart of collaboration by collaborating with fellow product owners.

Jai Kim
Product Manager, Wider Circle

Applying what we’ve learned in the first two days within the product development portion where we would alternate between SM, PO, developers was great stuff and the hands on training made it click for me.
5 thumbs up from me!

Phillip Ploesser
Global – Salesforce Application Architect, Magnit

My organization has sent colleagues through this course before and they have all rated it as highly as I have. The number of short breaks and the diversity of games, breakouts and tasks kept things fresh and interesting.

Mike Madelin
HR Operations Senior Program Manager, Equinix

If you’re new to scrum or need certification for whatever reason, I would definitely recommend this course. I really liked the practical sessions since learning the theory is quite easy but actually getting experience is quite hard. It was both practical and fun.

Joshua Goncalves
C++ Software Engineer, Dolby Laboratories

It’s hard to run a course online and to keep everyone engaged but Chris has mastered this well. There’s a great balance between talking, general interactions and break out rooms. Considering we are x-geo, Chris planned for time zones well and understood how people might feel given the certain time of the day. He gave us plenty of breaks which is a perfect way of breaking up the sessions. I really enjoyed it and the time went quickly.

Claire Bradford
Senior Manager, Dolby Laboratories

Clever format, content and engagement. Impressive for Zoom!

Rodney Resella
Senior Staff Interaction Designer, Illumina

One of the best parts of the training was the interactive games that maximized the chances to check my understanding of the content.

Heather Rufus
Communications and Operations Consultant, Shumbashaba Community Trust

Chris is knowledgeable, charismatic, and a great narrator. 16 hours passed in a blink of an eye. Chris’ professional enthusiasm is very inspirational!

Mila Zubenko
Project Specialist, J.D. Power

The simulation project was one of the most enjoyable parts of the training since it allowed us to practice our learnings.

Rym Djermouni
Content Analyst/Program Manager, Yahoo! Inc.

Excellent! The instructor, Chris Sims is key and made the whole thing enjoyable.

John Pember
Senior, Business IT Consultant, County of Santa Clara

The training format was scrum, so the learning was like “on the job training.” It was well organized and well rounded. Chris answered all the questions in an easy to understand way, and made the experience very interactive.

Ramesh Naapa Sekhar
Software Development Manager, SquareTrade/Allstate

I’m just starting out with scrum and this CSM was an excellent introduction. The simulated sprints were super helpful in learning how to do scrum through practice, practice, practice!

Earl Fong
Software Engineer, Soon To Be Scrum Master

Five stars! The training is fun and informative. I especially enjoyed the simulation, Once Upon A Scrum.

Yan Chao
Data Warehouse Architect, San Francisco International Airport

Our team really enjoyed your online Certified Scrum Master workshop. I gained a lot of great knowledge and really had fun! It was a great team bonding experience as well.

Nina Bachvarova
Software Developer, San Francisco International Airport

I highly recommend the CSPO course led by Chris Sims. He’s an amazing instructor. The hands-on activities help you understand the various techniques, and improve your collaboration with engineers and stakeholders. You will become a better product leader.

Prebh Dev Singh
Principal Product Manager, Synack

Completed my online CSPO training with Agile Learning Labs today. I highly recommend them. The training was very interactive, formatted like a sprint rather than a class, and the instructor did a great job of keeping everyone engaged.

Michelle Schoenebeck
Director Customer and Product Success, Corrections Software Solutions

Discussing examples and receiving guidance on real life situations made the concepts easy to digest. After getting my CSM and CSPO with Chris, I’m a fan of his instructional and agile coaching prowess. Keep up the great work!

Rajiv Choudhary
Customer Service Owner, PG&E

Excellent ratings across the board for the online CSPO. The interactive sessions and breakout groups kept us engaged.

Makenna Plonsky
Advisory Associate, Grant Thornton LLP

If you’re thinking about getting your scrum certification, I can’t recommend Chris Sims enough. I had two great days (read: FUN!).

Sarah (Clevinger) Ley
WW Head of Marketing, Fitstation HP

It was valuable learning, good fun, and good networking. I highly recommend it!

Amy Dexter, PhD
Coach, Defend & Publish

The team felt the training was extremely beneficial; you got a lot of kudos in our retrospective. We’ve switched to doing backlog refinement every week, following your techniques. The results have been really good.

Pragnya Alwar
Senior Engineer, Dolby Laboratories

We asked Chris the tricky questions that we have been struggling with for some time. He took them head-on, giving directly applicable advice and relevant follow-up content for every curve ball we threw at him. Chris focused on the value of the scrum rituals, rather than “do this because the book says so.” The scrum simulation, Once Upon A Scrum, was a fun, frantic exercise that required us to constantly evolve.

Stephen George
Software Engineering Manager, Kenna Security

The hands on exercises were great. The way you used the video conferencing technology made it as effective as in person. Thank you again for the great two days!

Kris Schultz
Director Software Engineering, Kenna Security

The Agile Learning Labs CSM training is hands down one of the best professional development events I’ve attended. Having experienced your in-person classes and the virtual ones, I was impressed with how you transformed activities such as the Scrum Roles Game Show to fit the online environment. The new simulations in the online class were fun and I learned new ways to approach my work as a non-technical scrum master.

Paula Espinoza MEd.
Improvement Advisor, Marshall Street Initiatives

Your training has been invaluable; my team and I have learned a lot. The techniques and alignment we’ve gained have enabled us to move forward very quickly with process changes and everyone is much more engaged, and much happier.

David La France
Vice President of Engineering, Synack, Inc.

I’m so happy that we brought Agile Learning Labs in to teach this ACSPO workshop. Participants loved learning how to create MVPs, storyboarding, backlog refinement, practicing facilitation techniques, and the coverage of business value. Chris was knowledgeable and made the experience fun. Agile Learning Labs was an easy vendor to work with, I highly recommend bringing them in to work with your teams. You won’t be sorry.

Dawn Hare
Learning and Development Project Manager, Grant Thornton

I have to say thanks for your excellent scrum training. Our company is energized and feels far more effective after just one week.

Dave Spivack
Director of Production and Operations, Treasure8

Your workshop was the catalyst for a lot of changes here at Motoshop. Everyone is bought into the new process and we’re getting better collaboration, transparency, and teamwork. We’re just a couple of sprints in and still working out the kinks, but it already has been a big improvement!

Bobby Chen
Director of Product Management and Engineering, Motoshop

Our team valued the training quite a bit. We still refer to it and we’ve made real improvements in our scrum process.

Max Wheeler
Director of Engineering, Microsoft

I am impressed with how you transform people and their thinking in the course of 2 days training. I have been practicing what you taught us for the past one month and I am a smiling certified scrum master now! See you again soon for my CSPO training.

Ashish Yadav
Program Manager, Cohere Technologies inc.

The training was everything I had hoped for! Engaging, fun, and informative!

Ron Ho
Program Manager, Spirent

I don’t think I’ve ever gained this much insight in this little time before. Your teaching style is outstanding and your personal approach fosters a great learning environment. I left your class greatly encouraged and highly motivated. Thank you.

Thor Ekle
Owner, 1299 design

One of the best professional training courses I’ve attended, period. Thanks, Chris!

Rishi Nayar
Director Engineering, Sybase – SAP

Agile Learning Labs stands apart from many agile/scrum houses. They use immersion to teach. Much like the best way to learn a language is to live with native speakers, Agile Learning Labs teaches scrum, using scrum. Their approach goes beyond seeing the theory; it engages the ‘muscle memory’ of doing. Even the executive workshop was interactive. The workshops & coaching I’ve had with Agile Learning Labs always leave me not only with new perspectives, but also practical new ways to advance agile in my teams.

Bernie Maloney
Director of Product & Program Management, Tivo

I want to thank you for your awesome class delivery. You and David hit all the marks in terms of the environment you set up, the level of student participation, the relevance of the material, the practicality, and the sheer enjoyment of learning. I hope we meet again in a training or workshop soon.

Mark McGee
Directory Product Development, TSYS

The CSM workshop was very helpful! We worked through many advanced topics beyond just the basics of scrum. It was incredibly applicable to our real work.

Kristen Tavelli
Software Engineer, Vertafore

I came into the CSM training as an experienced agile practitioner who had very recently adopted scrum as the official process framework being used at my company. I was very pleasantly surprised with a wealth of information to confirm the things we already did well and offer many new ideas or tweaks to bring our team closer to the coveted efficiency of a “High Performing Team.” Whether you are new to the world of agile and scrum or looking for ways to revitalize and improve your team, I highly recommend any of the courses put on by Agile Learning Labs.

Todd VanHouten
Software Developer, Vertafore

The training today delivered way more value than expected–thanks for an excellent learning experience! I honestly feel 5x more confident about grooming my backlog, writing/organizing/prioritizing stories and dealing with stakeholders than I did yesterday. You answered all questions very well, and kept a very friendly, open feel to the session, which encouraged conversation and debate. Nice work!

Greta Conlon
Senior Product Planning Manager, EFI

This was a true experience of learning by doing…. Agile Learning Labs did a terrific job of instilling the concept and practice of scrum to a class of scrum newbies in a relatively compressed two-day workshop. I came away not only as a Certified ScrumMaster, but with a lot of useful insights and the goal of elevating my organizations to the level of being true Scrum practitioners.

Drew Powers
Newsletter Editor, SF Bay PMI

Unmitigatedly positive responses from the training. A couple of folks told me it was the best training they’ve ever had at Autodesk. My proof was how yesterday’s sprint planning meeting went. It was a 3x improvement. Truly incredible to watch. They took their training directly from the classroom to the scrum room.

Randolph Harrison
Senior Director Enterprise Architecture and Applications, Autodesk

Chris is a remarkably good teacher, coach and advocate for scrum and other agile approaches to software development. I love how he translates principles into hands-on exercises and games that drill lessons home more deeply than any sets of words, oral or written. Even with my 10 years experience with agile, I look to Chris as my agile mentor and guide.

Ron Lichty
Author of Managing the Unmanageable: Rules, Tools, and Insights for Managing Software People and Teams

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