Custom Training, Coaching and Facilitation

Few experiences are more rewarding in our line of work than seeing the teams we’ve coached make exponential gains in productivity and happiness (the two are pretty much inseparable). While individual contributors can gain a great deal from taking a public workshop, there is no better way for a team to get up to speed with agile practices than to train together as a team. We’ll work with you to design a custom training and coaching package that will meet your needs.

What does a custom training package look like?

We build our custom workshops by mixing and matching from our extensive list of training modules. We can create a multi-day immersive experience, such as Bootstrapping Your Scrum Team or a simple lunch and learn session. We could even teach you how to create your own agile learning games. We have created programs spread out over time, for example a two-hour session every two-weeks.

What kind of facilitation services does Agile Learning Labs offer?

We can facilitate just about any scale of meeting, activity or conference. For some companies, especially those that have begun to implement agile practices on their own, the best way to begin is to bring us in to facilitate a sprint planning meeting or a team retrospective. At the other end of the spectrum, we have facilitated Open Space conferences for groups of several hundred people at the 2008 and 2018 Scrum Gatherings.

Does Agile Learning Labs offer coaching?

Yes! Our coaching clients have included executives, scrum masters, product owners, and newly promoted managers. We provide one-on-one and group coaching.

Our Clients Say:

Agile Learning Labs stands apart from many agile/scrum houses. They use immersion to teach. Much like the best way to learn a language is to live with native speakers, Agile Learning Labs teaches scrum, using scrum. Their approach goes beyond seeing the theory; it engages the ‘muscle memory’ of doing. Even the executive workshop was interactive. The workshops & coaching I’ve had with Agile Learning Labs always leave me not only with new perspectives, but also practical new ways to advance agile in my teams.

Bernie Maloney
Director of Product & Program Management, Tivo

The training today delivered way more value than expected–thanks for an excellent learning experience! I honestly feel 5x more confident about grooming my backlog, writing/organizing/prioritizing stories and dealing with stakeholders than I did yesterday. You answered all questions very well, and kept a very friendly, open feel to the session, which encouraged conversation and debate. Nice work!

Greta Conlon
Senior Product Planning Manager, EFI

Unmitigatedly positive responses from the training. A couple of folks told me it was the best training they’ve ever had at Autodesk. My proof was how yesterday’s sprint planning meeting went. It was a 3x improvement. Truly incredible to watch. They took their training directly from the classroom to the scrum room.

Randolph Harrison
Senior Director Enterprise Architecture and Applications, Autodesk

How do we get started?

Please contact us! We will be happy to discuss your situation and answer your questions.

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