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Image From Chicago Scrum GatheringConferences are a great way to learn, network, and earn Scrum Educational Units (SEUs). We believe that this is the most complete list of scrum, agile, and adjacent conferences on the web. Help us make it more useful by leaving a comment to tell us what we’ve missed.

Event Start Date Location Focus
Agile Manchester May 17 Manchester Agile
Agile O’Day May 17 Italy Agile
Bosnia Agile Day May 17 Bosnia Agile
Test Automation Summit Atlanta May 17 Atlanta Agile
Devopsdays São Paulo May 18 Brazil DevOps
Global Scrum Gathering May 19 New Orleans Scrum
Lean Agile May 20 London Agile
DevOpsCon San Diego May 21 San Diego DevOps
Devopsdays Baltimore May 21 Maryland DevOps
Test Automation Summit Boston May 22 Boston Software Testing
Testing, Agile, Devops & Low Code Showcase: Methods & Tools May 23 London & Online Software Testing
Citcon May 24 Croatia Software Testing
Agile Open Canada May 27 Canada Agile
Devopsdays Montreal May 27 Canada DevOps
ScrumImpulz May 29 Slovakia Agile
Agila Sverige May 30 Sweden Agile
Craft Conference 10 May 30 Budapest Software Development
Business Agility Conference LATAM May 31 Peru Agile
Agile+DevOps June 2 Las Vegas Agile
XP 2024 June 4 Italy XP
AgileCon2024 June 6 Online Agile
Agile and Scrum 2024 Online Conference June 6 Online Agile
Agile Coach Camp Denmark June 6 Denmark Agile
Regional Scrum Gathering Ghent June 6 Ghent Scrum
Agile Coach Retreat June 8 Michigan Agile
EuroSTAR 2024 June 11 Stockholm Software Testing
GOTO AMSTERDAM 2024 June 11 Stockholm Software Development
Scaling Agile Summit June 12 Online Agile
Agile Tour 24 Toulouse June 13 France Agile
DevBcn June 13 Barcelona Software Development
ACE! June 13 Poland Software Development
Agilists4Planet June 13 Online Agile
Agile Coach Camp Germany June 13 Germany Agile
Working Software June 14 Italy Software Testing
DevOpsCon Berlin June 17 Germany DevOps
Devopsdays Amsterdam June 19 Amsterdam DevOps
Scrum Day London June 20 London Scrum
Online Scrum Master Summit June 25 Online Scrum
AI & Agile Summit June 26 Online & Virtual Agile
Agile Lyon June 28 France Agile
Play in Business June 28 GeoFort Agile
Agile World July 1 Germany Agile
Lean Leader Summit July 3 Munich Project Management
Agile On The Beach July 4 UK Agile
Regional Scrum Gathering Seoul July 5 Seoul Scrum
Regional Scrum Gathering Bengaluru July 12 India Scrum
Agile 2024 July 22 Texas Agile
Agile Executive Forum July 23 Texas Agile
Agile 2024 – The European Experience July 24 England Agile
Scrum Rio August 1 Brazil Scrum
International Systems Dynamics August 4 Online & Norway Project Management
Devopsdays Minneapolis August 6 Minneapolis DevOps
Agile AUS August 12 Australia Agile
Devopsdays Halifax August 21 Canada DevOps
Agile Lean Europe August 28 Budapest Agile
ShipItCon August 30 Ireland Project Management
Regional Scrum Gathering Beijing September 7 Beijing Scrum
Regional Scrum Gathering Stockholm September 9 Stockholm Scrum
Agile Tour Vienna September 12 Austria Agile
Agile Prague Conference September 16 Prague Agile
Hello Stavanger September 16 Norway Sotware Development
Agile En Seine September 17 France Agile
Badass Agile Coaching Day September 17 Online Agile Coaching
Women In Agile Europe September 18 Prague Agile
World Management Agility Forum
September 19 Online & Portugal Agile
Agile Coach Camp Romania
September 20 Romania Agile
Scrum Beyond
September 21 Online Scrum
STAR WEST September 22 Online & California Software Testing
Agile Day Twin Cities September 24 Minnesota Agile
Lean Agile September 25 Scotland Agile
Devopsdays Cairo September 25 Cairo DevOps
Less Conference Madrid September 26 Spain Agile
Business Agility Bulgaria September 26 Bulgaria Agile
Devopsdays London September 26 London DevOps
LeSS Conference September 26 Madrid Agile
Better Ways September 27 Greece Agile
XP Days Nordic September 27 Copenhagen Agile
AgileByExample September 30 Warsaw Agile
Targeting Quality September 30 Ontario Software Testing
Agile Cambridge October 2 England Agile
Agile Lean Ireland October 2 Ireland Agile
Agile Coach Camp UK October 7 UK Agile
UXDX EMEA October 9 Online & Ireland Agile
Lean Agile Brighton October 10 England Software Development
XP Days Germany October 10 Germany Agile
Regional Scrum Gathering October 11 Lima Scrum
Agile + DevOps October 13 Online & Orlando Agile
Pacific NW Software Quality Conference October 14 Portland Software Testing
SAFe SUMMIT October 14 Washington DC Agile
HelloStavanger October 16 Norway Software Development
Agile Coaching Retreat South Australia October 18 Australia Agile
Kanban Australia October 18 Australia Project Management
Agile & DevOps USA October 20 Florida DevOps
Agile Azerbaijan October 22 Azerbaijan Agile
Agile Tour Vilnius October 22 Online & Lithuania Agile
Agile Slovenia October 23 Slovenia Agile
Scrum Day USA October 23 Wisconsin Scrum
Agile Tour Brussels October 25 Brussels Agile
Agile Brazil Day October 30 Brazil Agile
Business Agility Day October 31 Zurich Agile
RTE Summit November 4 Netherlands Agile
Agile in the City November 6 England Agile
Scrum Facilitators Conference November 7 Netherlands Scrum
Agile UNconference November 7 Zurich Agile
Agile Coaching Retreat Dubai November 8 Dubai Agile
Agile Spain Conference November 14 Madrid Agile
Regional Scrum Gathering Hyderabad November 16 Hyderabad Scrum
Agile Testing Days November 19 Online & Germany Software Testing
The Conference On Agility November 20 Weisbaden & Online Agile
QCon November 21 San Francisco Software Development
Agile Tour Montreal November 27 Montreal Scrum
XP Days Benelux November 28 Benelux Agile
Scrum Day Europe December 3 Netherlands Scrum
Kanban India December 6 India Project Management
NDC London January 27 London Software Development
Agile Austria Conference January 30 Austria Agile
OOP February 3 Germany Software Development

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