Strategic Planning For Scaled-Up Scrum

A team making a strategic plan with sticky notes on a wallCreating a plan for the next 12 weeks can be challenging for a scrum team, but things get really interesting when you have lots of teams. Learn and practice the skills that you will need for quarterly planning in a scaled up scrum environment. The whole workshop revolves around a simulation of an organization with nine scrum teams, too many dependencies, and too many really important strategic objectives. For a deeper look at the planning process read Strategic Planning For Scaled-Up Scrum: An Overview.

After this workshop participants will be able to:

  • Visually map dependencies across multiple teams
  • Create realistic dependency resolution schedules
  • Estimate the business value of strategic initiatives
  • Estimate the cost and time required for each initiative
  • Use quantitative and qualitative approaches to pick which initiatives to pursue
  • Create a multi-team plan to deliver the most important initiative(s)

Participants should have already completed our Certified Scrum Master workshop or our Elements Of Scrum workshop prior to taking this workshop.

This workshop was co-created by Chris Sims and Season Hughes.

Students Say:

The trainers kept us engaged. Good materials, learnings, and team collaboration!

Maureen DeMott
Leader of Global Retail Tech, Specialized Bicycle Components


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