Elizabeth McClellan: An artist’s interpretation of scrum

Artist, illustrator and graphic facilitator Elizabeth McClellan is one of my favorite people, proving as she always does that the kind of work we do here at Agile Learning Labs–and what our clients do when they develop software–is as much art as it is business. Last June, as Chris blogged recently, Elizabeth recorded everything that happened in one of our Certified Scrum Master Workshops in her inimitable style. This week, she did the same for our Certified Product Owner course in Redwood City. Click on each image to see it in all its detail and glory.

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1 thought on “Elizabeth McClellan: An artist’s interpretation of scrum

  1. PM Hut

    Hi Hillary,

    It’s amazing,

    Just by looking at these pictures, one can understand what Scrum is all about and how it is performed.

    Kudos to Elizabeth for this excellent work.


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