The Agile Conference Calendar is now live

Last year Chris spent more time on tour than Madonna, logging appearances at no fewer than eleven software conferences. To keep track of all this activity and help us plan for 2009, I've been building out a Google calendar listing all of the upcoming software conferences nationwide (and a few beyond) that are most relevant to agile practitioners. It's up to date through June as of now. We've had a few requests to share this data, so here it is on its own page. Enjoy!

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2 thoughts on “The Agile Conference Calendar is now live

  1. Hillary Johnson

    Yes, it’s kind of hilarious that Agile 2009 wasn’t on there as we’ve been living and breathing the submission process for the last couple of weeks. I’ve really only waded through adding events through June so far (and October, as that’s when Agile Open CA falls and I’m on the org committee), but publishing this gives me extra incentive to finish building out the whole year.
    Thanks for the Lean Kanban tip, Gerry!


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