The Satir Change Model – A Tool For Scrum Coaches

The Satir Change Model has been a valuable tool in my scrum coaching toolbox for nearly 15 years. This eight minute video will give you a working understanding of the model and how you can apply it as a scrum coach, scrum master, or other change agent. After the video, you can dive deeper into the model by reading Steven M Smith’s article, The Satir Change Model.

You might also enjoy this short video, where we combined the Satir Change Model with the leadership styles from Leadership That Gets Results.

Then there was the time we used the Satir Change Model to explore the topic “Agile Change Introduces Organizational Pain” at Agilepalooza 2009.



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One thought on “The Satir Change Model – A Tool For Scrum Coaches

  1. Leandro

    This post gave us a nice tool to help my team understand that in order to reach a new status quo we need to step into a narrow road to overcome the resistance, have some chaos, practice new ways so that we could finally get the results of change.

    Thank you!


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