6 thoughts on “Agile – From the Product Owner’s Perspective

  1. Karl

    I love the quote

    “If your organization doesn’t like truth and honesty, it probably won’t like agile.”

  2. Kumar

    Chris – The story telling is great but not sure I see SM role represented in this video. Did Henrik forgot about himself while drawing this? 🙁 Not sure if it got mix it with Dev Team or stake holder? Any reason why? Looks misleading that SM role is not needed with this video. Hope I am making sense….

  3. Patrick Siufanua

    my favorite takeaway from this video was this: “There’s really only one way for the product owner to stop the queue from getting out of control and that word is “NO”. This is so helpful for me..

    1. I have a greater appreciation for our Product owners and what they do and that It is probably a challenge to figure out what work their team does and prioritize what’s important and what will bring the most value.. 2 I now know why some of my requests/asks are still in the Backlog queue. 🙂 NO, NO NO NO NO 🙂


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