“Aha! Moments” from Coaching Agile Teams with Lyssa Adkins

These “Aha! Moments” were posted by participants at the recent Creative Edge series workshop “Coaching Agile Teams” with Lyssa Adkins in Foster City, California. Imagine the insights you yourself would have if you joined Lyssa’s next class on Dec 20 & 21 in Boulder, Colorado.

Consensus = convergence
Risk being wrong
Lego’s / bionic intensity value’s tree
Practice being non-judgmental
Anonymous team voting on team values and where we are

High value keeps going to high performing teams
Pair coaching – DATA – EMOTION
XP practices are so freakin’ obviously right so just do them!
The trunk of the tree is the operating mode (see Wisdom of Teams) – The “How” your team produces is the fruits
Use Shu Ha Ri in Retrospective
Agile coach’s job is to coach in all directions – up, lateral, etc.
Any change makes it a different team
Intensity question: How fast are we recovering from adversity?
Experiential games for greater “being” can be more deeply formalized
We don’t buy into plans that we didn’t have a part of creating
Sometimes when coaching it’s ok to blurt out my intuition – as long as it helps the them deepen their understanding
Wall of Wonder – WOW!
Model supportability to encourage team members to ask for help and voice impediments
We need better online games for Agile teams
Value relationships – make the person more important than the task!
Reach out to team members at the leading edge of Shu-Ha-Ri to lead the team forward
Level two listening demands eye contact
Circle game: About reaching out for help & not knowing when you will be asked for help
Gardening metaphor intensity for discussing team values
Collaboration not competition
Pain snake
An acknowledgement is different from than an appreciation. Example: what I’m noticing about you is…
My “flip” moment was understanding VELOCITY. I will remember this!

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