The June Conference Circuit

If you're like us, you've dialed-back your conference-going in the past couple of years, but one event that's not to be missed is the Agile Roots Conference in Salt Lake City. Both Chris and Steve will be presenting, and we'll be handing out the very first "samplers" from our forthcoming Agile Dictionary project. Why do we love Agile Roots? Because it takes place in Salt Lake City, near the birthplace of the Agile Manifesto, and opens with a keynote address by Jeff Patton titled Nobody Wants Your Stupid Process. See, you want to go now, don't you?

Steve will be presenting one of Agile Learning Labs' greatest hits, a workshop he designed called Flying Through Bottlenecks. Chris will be doing The Great Agile Requirements Showdown, which could just as easily be called Showdown at the Agile Corral. Both workshops are participatory, and a lot of fun.

On the way to Agile Roots, Chris will be making a whistle-stop at the Better Software Conference in Las Vegas, where on Thursday, June 10th he'll do a little number he picked up from Steve, Eliminating Process Bottlenecks: The
Theory of Constraints. I think I like Steve's workshop title a bit better, even though it's less explanatory; who doesn't want to learn to fly?)

Somewhere between the two conferences, Chris is going to manage to stop by Los Angeles to attend my son's high school graduation. What a whirlwind. Good thing he's so Agile….

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