ACM Says: Agile Changes the Project Manager’s Role

By: Chris Sims

In my research for an upcoming article, I ran across this tidbit that I just couldn’t wait to share. It’s from Challenges of migrating to agile methodologies a paper originally published in Communications of the ACM.

Agile methodologies require a shift from command-and-control management to leadership-and-collaboration. The organizational form that facilitates this shift needs the right blend of autonomy and cooperation to achieve the advantages of synergy while providing flexibility and responsiveness. The project manager’s traditional role of planner and controller must be altered to that of a facilitator who directs and coordinates the collaborative efforts of those involved in development, thus ensuring that the creative ideas of all participants are reflected in the final decision. The biggest challenge here is to get the project manager to relinquish the authority he/she previously enjoyed.

Find out what this really means, and what it feels like to do it, at our upcoming Agile Project Management learning lab, presented in cooperation with the San Francisco Bay Area Chapter of the Project Management Institute.



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