The Great Agile Requirements Showdown!

By: Chris Sims

Agile evangelists claim that extensive written requirements can be dispensed with in favor of lighter-weight ‘stories’. It sounds easier, certainly, but can it really be as good? Won’t all of the important details get lost?

This Thursday, I’ll be staging a participatory showdown between traditional and agile requirements at the East Bay Innovation Group’s Project Management SIG Meeting. The event is free for eBig members, and $10 for guests with advanced registration.

May the best requirements win!

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1 thought on “The Great Agile Requirements Showdown!

  1. David Locke

    The issue will hinge on whether Agile can create long-term profitability windows. With shorter cycles and less dense code, it is too easy for fast followers to erode your premium.
    This leads to layers with different release schedules. Each Agile, but outwardly waterfall.
    Or, do you put everything on a server to keep it out of the decompiler and reverse engineering environments.


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