All the Open Space topics @ Scrum Gathering Orlando 2009

Here, just to incite envy among the far flung, is a list of all the sessions posted on the Open Space market wall in Orlando. Disclaimer: These were handwritten, and often hard to decipher, so some titles and names are my best guess at spelling, and some sessions  may have been added or changed after I took my notes. Feel free to amend in the comments if you know better!

  • How to size the backlog with diverse product and team member skillsets – David Fox
  • Backlogs aren't perfect! Use story maps – Andy
  • Discuss issues in multiple distributed offshore teams with FTE – Anon
  • Dual Managers vs. IPM and ICSM on teams. Does it work? – Deb C
  • Empowered scrum teams – Lee Heuser
  • Transformation (what does this mean to an organization and culture) – Anon
  • Scrum metrics and myths – Pete Behrens
  • Fixed Price! Is it me or Agile/IP is a different thing altogether? – Anon
  • Scrum and large number of external dependencies – Jorge Hernandez
  • How do you coordinate large projects? 1st steps in scaling scrum – Dan LeFebre
  • PMI (a pre-set session)
  • What is the best way to organize your backlog? – Grover Trunell
  • Scrum Anonymous – Steve Fram
  • Where is QA gone? Regression platform test – Philippe Huert
  • Applying scrum frameork  to solutions that aren't software exclusive – Anon
  • Scrum Must Die! – Tobias Meyer
  • How do you manage managers that are die-hard micromanagers? – Alfred Kauser
  • Need feedback on design visions for releases – Raffi
  • What are right sized user stories? – anon
  • Beyond open space: what else can we do to innovate scrum gathering formats? – Krishan
  • Virtual online scrum training and conferences – Dan Greening
  • Wht is a certified scrum coach? – Roger Brown
  • Creating executable specifications – Warren Elliott
  • Interactive games for teams – Tobias Meyer & Chris Sims
  • How I found Courage as an agile coach – Siraj
  • How to incorporate front end/user interface design into scrum planning – Michelle J
  • Anti-PMI – Anon
  • Is the burden of technical debt dragging you down? – Philippe Kruchten
  • How do you handle daily scrums when daily attendance isn't realistic? – Ram Bhat
  • Effective approaches to sizing work across projects – Luis Morgas
  • Sprint Artifcats – Denise Richards
  • Secret Scrum (when the customers don't know) – Jody
  • How can you capitalize software development costs with scrum? – Jason
  • Sprint reviews: who are they really for? – Bob Schnitz
  • Scrum and HR/Organizing for Scrum – Marites & Mikael Boman
  • How to be a good scrum master? Boris Gloger
  • SW Engineering in the 21st century – Alistair Cockburn
  • Discuss and help improve small companies using scrum and CMNI – Anon
  • Testing (traditional QA/QC) When does it happen? – Anon
  • I want to learn how to tell if my product's enterpise quality within scrum – Ken
  • Product owners: representing a diverse stakeholder community – Lowell
  • Impelenting using comic strips to start tough conversations – Mike Vizdos
  • How to write agile contracts? – Anon
  • Becoming a certified scrum practitioner – Anon
  • Scrum on the boundaries – Michael Madden
  • Backlog granularity and business value – Anon
  • Scrum tools – Jody
  • Use cases vs stories – Luis Morgas
  • Games creation session – Alan Cyment
  • BV engineering – Joe Little
  • Agile analysis (grooming backlogs) – Luis Morgas
  • Meeting others: Let's play werewolf! – Anon

People are tweeting the conference with #scrumgathering, and they're being pretty good about posting their notes on the conference wiki.

That's all, folks! Having a wonderful time, wish you were here!

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