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Today I had the pleasure of facillitating The Makings of a Great Manager for a group of ambitious job seekers at Experience Unlimited, a program of the San Francisco Chapter Employment Development Division.

Each member of the group considered what attributes, practices, or skills set the best managers that they had worked for, apart from the rest. The group had diverse experience, and the discussions were interesting. We chose a label for each idea, and then we ranked them, based on the collective experience of the group.

Here is the list of ‘idea labels’ as ranked by the group.

Top Tier
Encourage and inspire
Compassionate leadership

Second Tier
Management by leadership (vs. by administration)

Third Tier
Creates a sense of mission
Friendly, Fair, and Firm
Promotes personal growth
Room for mistakes
Positive reinforcement

Fourth Tier
Gives benefit of the doubt
Team oriented
Competence in the area managed

Fifth Tier
Conflict resolution
Stays calm
Good networking
Open door
Having self together
Authority matches responsibility
Work – life balance
“We need YOUR help”
Celebrates anniversary of joining company
Workload management
Remembers birthdays

You may be interested to compare these results with those of other groups:
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