Intro to Extreme Programming

This past Wednesday, I presented a 45-minute introduction to Extreme Programming (XP) to the Project Management and Program Management Special Interest Group, who meet every week Cupertino. The group was lively and full of questions. I especially enjoyed the chance to discuss XP, as that is where I got my start doing agile software development, back around the turn of the century.

Contrary to popular belief, Extreme Programming (XP) is not writing code while kiteboarding. Extreme Programming is an agile software development methodology created by Kent Beck in the mid nineties, while he was the leader of a large software project at Chrysler. The true genius of XP was selecting a set of ‘best practices’ that compliment each other and form the foundation for extreme productivity, extreme adaptability, extreme quality, and extreme satisfaction for every stakeholder in the software project.

Here are the slides, and here are some links:
A Gentle Introduction to Extreme Programming
Wikipedia on XP
The original home of XP on the Portland Pattern Repository
A set of XP links, including tools

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