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Would ya take today off already? Yeesh…

“Idleness is not just a vacation, an indulgence or a vice; it is as indispensable to the brain as vitamin D is to the body, and deprived of it we suffer a mental affliction as disfiguring as rickets. The space and quiet that idleness provides is a necessary condition for standing back from life and seeing it whole, for making unexpected connections and waiting for the wild summer lightning strikes of inspiration — it is, paradoxically, necessary to getting any work done.”

From The ‘Busy’ Trap by Tim Kreider (New York Times), the best essay I’ve read in a long time about the value of slack, down-time, etc. (Our own Steve Bockman has designed exercises to teach software teams and software managers that utilization–ie, “busy-ness”–does not equal productivity).

Why, just yesterday Chris and I spent part of our 4th holiday on a fool’s errand, running to Daly City to look at an unlocked cell phone he found on Craigslist. It was a beautiful day, and we rode surface streets, with the top down on the convertible. Along the way we started looking at crazy stuff on Craigslist, and having silly conversations. We almost bought a private island, and a sailboat, but in the process we stumbled on office space that may just become the new Agile Learning Labs world headquarters. All because we took the time to run a fool’s errand, slowly, on a gorgeous day. Today is another gorgeous day… so try it!

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What if you were more like Steve Jobs?

My friend’s daughter took this picture of the front of the Apple store in Manhattan last night. What are you doing in your life that would make people remember you with this much passion? Something to ask yourself next time you realize you’re the person saying “That’ll never work because….” or starting every reply with “Yes, but…” Jobs made our world bigger, sleeker, cleaner, more beautiful. Life is not a zero-sum game, which means we’re all free to make our world bigger, and better. So if you catch yourself being the person saying, “Yes, but we can’t all be Steve Jobs….” I’d beg to differ. Yes, we can.

Speaking of yes we can, our Director of Business Development, Laura Powers, is walking her first marathon today. Go Laura!!!

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What’s An Agile Paycheck Look Like? A glimpse into Agile Learning Labs’ new compensation model

What kind of agile training company would we be if we didn’t try to build our company from the ground up using agile methods for everything from team decision making to hiring to how we pay ourselves? Here’s how we arrived at a radical new way of paying ourselves. (Hint: if you’ve seen the heist movie Ocean’s 11, our team compensation model is a lot like theirs.)
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What does work look like at the cellular level?

This wee animated movie made by Harvard Scientists shows us what mitochondria look like when they’re hard at work producing energy inside your body (and your dog’s body, and maybe your dogsbody if you’re old-fashioned about work). It is as thrilling a glimpse into an unknown universe as Avatar–all in just over 2 minutes.

Hat Tip: io9, my favorite sci-fi/futurist blog. More links to related stuff there.

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