Active Listening

Misunderstanding and miscommunication are at the root of many, possibly most, of the problems that plague projects. Learn proven techniques to improve communication and understanding.

A person who listens well…

  • will be told more
  • will be confided in
  • will understand people better
  • will resolve conflicts easier
  • will be listened to

When people are talking to you, are you really listening, or are you starting to think about what you are going to say next? Even if you hear their words, are you sure that you understand their meaning? Language lends itself to misunderstanding as easily as understanding. This makes for great comedy, unless the joke is at the expense of you and your team.

In this workshop we take a good look at listening. Effective techniques will be presented and modeled. Then the real fun begins, as each participant will get to practice active listening skills by role-playing scenarios taken from the real world.

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