No team members were harmed in filming Sh*t Bad Scrum Masters Say

Last Sunday, several Agile Learning Labs team members became actors for a few hours, turning out to help our brilliant colleague Adam Weisbart film the epic drama saga, Sh*t Bad Scrum Masters Say.

This small cinematic wonder (it ain’t no video, shot professionally in HD and edited by a master in the real sense of the word) is a compendium of the boneheaded, misguided, and just plain stupid things you will hear during your company’s effort to transition from waterfall to scrum. Feel free to recognize yourself, your stupid boss, your ignorant colleague, or all of the above.

Adam was our Robert Altman, and we scripted the video collectively, based on things we’d all either said or heard. (If you’re looking for the takeaway meme, it’s: “That’s not an impediment.”)

Adam is the author of Agile Antipatterns, a book coming in early 2012 from our publishing imprint, Dymaxicon. If you haven’t heard of Dymaxicon yet, it’s hot stuff, with several bestsellers to its credit, including The Elements of Scrum, A Detailed Man, and Nancy Rommelmann’s memoir, The Queens of Montague Street, which is excerpted in this week’s New York Times Magazine.

Impediments? We don’t need no stinkin’ impediments!

And if you’ve read all this and are still left wondering, “Who was that handsome man who played the Product Owner?” you want Bernie Maloney.

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