Self-Organizing Ball Game at Agile Open Northwest

The Self-Orgainizing Ball Game at AONW 2011 Agile Open Northwest kicked off this morning, and the whole Agile Learning Labs crew is here. Chris hosted a session called “An Experiential Intro to Agile” in the first time slot. Sixteen folks new to agile gathered and we quickly discovered a common theme: participants were about to join agile teams, but didn’t know what to expect. Out came the rubber balls and we dove into the Self-Organizing Ball game.

The topics that this surfaced included:

  • The value of short iterations to to allow productive “trial and error”
  • How effective retrospectives generate continuous improvement
  • Time-boxing can push a group towards productive chaos, while protecting it from prolonged unproductive chaos.
  • The way a shared goal can unite a team, and focus the energy and self-organization

It was a lot of fun, and a good start to one of my favorite conferences.



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