Is there such a thing as Agile Project Management? Gosh we hope so…

… because Chris is leading a day-long public workshop on Agile Project Management on March 23rd, at the SD Forum offices in San Jose.

The question, however, is one being hotly debated between Australian PM guru Pat Weaver and assorted commenters on his blog, in a post titled Agile is NOT a Project Management Methodology. Weaver claims that "Agile is not an IT project management methodology any more than choosing to use pre-cast concrete in preference to brickwork is a construction management methodology."

He goes on to say, "What is lacking in most commentary I’ve seen on Agile is any sensible discussion on using Agile within a project environment. The critical changes to scope management, change management, cost management and time management needed to effectively deal with the fluidity of Agile, within the constraints of a project, need discussion."

Ah, good point. This is just the kind of stuff we hope to address in the workshop. How does Agile work in conjunction with project management–and how doesn't it? Weaver actually hints that traditional project management may not be all that compatible with Agile–although in a subsequent post on Managing  Agile Projects he goes into some rather brilliant detail analyzing just how agile and PMBOK can work together, concluding ultimately that they can and do go together quite well: 

…align the PMBOK to an Agile project delivery method and the overarching PM process will enhance the probability of success. Treat an Agile project in the same way as a traditional Waterfall project and the PM processes will guarantee failure!

Intrigued? Read the rest of Pat's writing, then come on out for the class! We promise to elucidate further, and cover all of the finer points of applying project management techniques in an agile environment, including:

  • Estimation
  • Release
  • Prioritization
  • The rhythm of
    iterative development and delivery
  • The flow of
  • Roles and
  • Communication
    on an agile team
  • Empirical
    process control
  • Agile metrics
  • Simple tools for managing agile projects

To register for the class, click here. If you see Chris or me at P-Camp, or SD West this week, hit us up for a flyer.

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3 thoughts on “Is there such a thing as Agile Project Management? Gosh we hope so…

  1. devans00

    I’m looking forward to learning how to apply Agile to the business side. As a Certified Scrum Master, I’m already familiar with how to do it on the development side.


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