Fun & Games: Some upcoming events in SF & the North Bay

Children learn best by playing games, and guess what? Adults do too. No reason your agile practice should be a plodding, dreary affair with all the elan of a queue at the parking violations bureau. Lighten up and have some fun–it'll make you smarter.

Chris will be leading a raucous meeting of the BayAPLN in San Francisco on July 21st, on Agile Games & Simulations, so come out to play, won't you?

Chris will also be leading a session of the Great Agile Requirements Showdown at the North Bay Agile Meetup on Tuesday, July 28, in Rohnert Park. This is the gathering hosted by our friends Steve Bockman and Rob Myers, both of whom are accomplished gamesmasters themselves, so it should be a fun time. What's it all about? Here's the teaser: 

Agile evangelists claim that extensive requirements can be dispensed with in favor of lighter-weight 'stories'. It sounds easier, certainly, but can it really be as good?

Come find out!

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