The Soul of an Entrepreneur

Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur yourself or just an entrevoyeur, there’s much to be gleaned from the musings of a distinguished group of business adventurers over at My Way, The Entrepreneur Collective, which aggregates feeds from a dozen individual entrepreneurs’ blogs.  Blogging here are some really superb and entertaining folk, including Tom Evslin, whose post Why A Great Programmer is Worth 50 Good Ones is a classic all managers should read, the always brilliant Chris Yeh, and Ben Casnocha, whose Business Rules of Thumb wiki is full of gems like this:

First-rate men hire first-rate men…second-rate men hire third-rate
men…these third-rate men will then employ the bulk of your company’s
employees and they tend to select fourth-rate people. – Richard M. White. 

Here be much wisdom.

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