Bootstrapping Your Scrum Team

A Three or Four Day Custom Workshop

This customizable, three or four-day workshop is designed to get your team up and running with scrum quickly. Experiential exercises introduce participants to the key roles, responsibilities, interactions, tools, and processes of scrum. These exercises are then extended to include the real data from the team’s project. This workshop is far more effective than off-the-self training courses, because the team learns by using scrum on their real project during the workshop. A pattern used in this workshop is:

  • Presentation and discussion of a key concept and related techniques
  • Experiential exercise to learn how to apply the techniques
  • Exercise repeated with actual data from the team’s project so that the team has ‘done it for real’

The team will learn:

  • How to harness the power of self-organization
  • Estimation and story sizing techniques
  • Sprint planning
  • Release planning
  • How to use retrospectives to continuously improve
  • How to conduct brief and effective stand-up meetings (The daily scrum)
  • How to maximize business value delivered
  • Their new roles and responsibilities, as members of a scrum team
  • The special roles of scrum master and product owner
  • The product backlog: user stories, prioritization, and backlog grooming
  • Creating and applying a scrum ‘definition of done’
  • Working with agile requirements, specifications, and documentation
  • Fundamentals of emergent architecture and design
  • Agile metrics and tracking tools such as task boards and burn charts

Client’s Say

Agile Learning Labs stands apart from many agile/scrum houses. They use immersion to teach. Much like the best way to learn a language is to live with native speakers, Agile Learning Labs teaches scrum, using scrum. Their approach goes beyond seeing the theory; it engages the ‘muscle memory’ of doing. Even the executive workshop was interactive. The workshops & coaching I’ve had with Agile Learning Labs always leave me not only with new perspectives, but also practical new ways to advance agile in my teams.

Bernie Maloney
Director of Product & Program Management, Tivo

Unmitigatedly positive responses from the training. A couple of folks told me it was the best training they’ve ever had at Autodesk. My proof was how yesterday’s sprint planning meeting went. It was a 3x improvement. Truly incredible to watch. They took their training directly from the classroom to the scrum room.

Randolph Harrison
Senior Director Enterprise Architecture and Applications, Autodesk

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