User Stories For Story Splitting Practice

Here are some user stories for a tropical destination resort, written in the common format:

As a <Type of stakeholder>
I want <The deliverable>,
so that <I get some value>.

Use these to practice the skills from our series of articles about user stories and story splitting.

Practice User Stories

As a businessperson,
I want a business center with high-speed Internet access, printing, copying, and faxing available,
so that I can get a little work done without leaving the resort.

As a parent,
I want a kids pool with a water slide and pool toys such as floats and balls,
so that my kids can have fun while I relax by the pool

As a sun worshiper,
I want lots of beach,
so that I can work on my tan.

As a diva,
I want a spa with massage, mineral baths, mud baths, soothing music, and beauty treatments,
so that I can feel pampered.

As a teenager,
I want activities to do with other teens, but without our parents,
so that I can feel independent and meet someone cute.

As a single traveler,
I want a bar with tropical drinks, dancing, and organized activities,
so that I can meet other single travelers for grown-up fun.

As a scuba diver,
I want guided and unguided dive trips and a dive shop with rental gear,
so that I can enjoy my scuba hobby.

As a local business owner,
I want shuttle busses to the town,
so that tourists will spend money at my business.

As a local artist,
I want the resort to have a gallery,
so that I can sell my art.

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