East Coast Swing: Chris is heading for Maine and Connecticut next week

A string of training opportunities has Chris headed for the East Coast next week. Never one to sit alone in a hotel bar in the evening listening to guys who don’t look like George Clooney and girls who don’t look like Vera Farmiga compare frequent flier privileges, Chris will be speaking at a couple of local user groups during his trip, so if you’re on the East Coast, this is your chance to experience Agility California-style.

On July 12, Chris will be the guest presenter at the first-ever meeting of the newly-minted Portland Agile User Group. There will be free beer and a raffle that will include a half-off certificate to any Agile Learning Labs public workshop. (If you’re the lucky winner, we suggest the December 4-5 Certified ScrumMaster workshop–on the premise that you’ll be pining for some sunshine right about then.)

On July 14, Chris will be presenting at Agile Connecticut, in the Windsor area. Don’t know about free beer on this one, but both presentations will involve lots of fun and learning games–the TSA guys who go through Chris’ luggage probably think he’s a professional rodeo clown when they see the colorful supplies he carts with him.

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